Setup NetGear Wi-Fi Extender using or

How to setup NetGear Wi-Fi Extender

In a way to setup NetGear Wi-Fi Extender you will need a IP and MAC address and follow the below instruction:

  • At the very first connect Router through LAN to your system
  • Now, open any browser and enter “” or “” in the search bar
  • When the login page gets open enter the login name “admin” and password “password”
  • Now, in your NetGear Genius, go to the “Advanced” tab at the top left
  • Under the “Advance Setup” click on the “WLAN Repeating” shown at the left bottom
  • You need to enable the WLAN Repeating check box. And then click on “OK” button and you will head towards the Wi-Fi setting automatically
  • If it not happens like that then go to the “WLAN Setting” under the menu “Setup”
  • Now, select the Radio Channel which has been hangout with the Main Router and then click on the “Apply” button

Hope you have been successfully setup NetGear Router. If you are facing any technical issue while setting up the Wi-Fi Extender then contact loginmywifiext for instant fix/solution.