Setup NetGear Wi-Fi Extender using or


When you try to visit and it’s not opening or you are getting one of these error messages:

  • Not Connected to Network
  • Unable to reach site
  • Server Not Found

To troubleshoot these issues while connecting to

  • Move you Wi-Fi extender closer to the wireless router. Recommend to place the router and extender in the same room
  • Ensure that NETGEAR Range Extender is plugged to the power source. When it’s getting power properly then the LED lights is ON
  • You can also enter the default IP address “” in your web address bar
  • Still unable to reach the website, try to rest your web browser and access the site again
  • You can also try a different browser. However, it might be some browser problem
  • Try to connect your System to your Extender using Ethernet cable
  • If still unable to reach or access then contact NETGEAR Technical Support and talk to our expert about your issues